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Shiloh Church, at Crescent, was organized in 1893, by Elder J. M. Thompson and others. There were five charter members, viz., George Simmons, Amanda Simmons, Moriah Murry, John Pierott, and Saide Pierott.

The church met at first in homes, and in the first school house when it was built in Crescent. In 1901 plans were made for a church building, which was the first church building in Crescent. Lots were purchased in 1902, and the building was then erected on the present site. A kitchen and dining area was added in 1968.

In 1925 Shiloh Church united with the Turkey Creek Association, which was composed primarily of churches in Kansas. Elder Joel Chambers and Lic. D. E. Richards were members of this church, and they reported 40 members at that time. Shiloh Church continued as a member of this association until 1940. In 1958, the church joined the First Primitive Baptist Association of Oklahoma.

Pastors of the church have included Elders J. M. Thompson, John Lovett, Henry Richards, Thomas Veach, Frank McCormick, Joel Chambers, D. E. Richards, Oba M. Cummings, Howard E. Long, John F. DeWitt, Allen Daniels, and Henry Newman.


Beavers, Chambers, Daniels, DeWitt, Freeland, Gregory, Hatfield, Long, McNally, Mize, Moffitt, Morrisett, Newman, Patrick, Pieratt, Ray, Richards, Snow, Thomason, Veach, Waggoner, Webb, White (very incomplete list due to the records not being available to us).

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