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Little Bethel Church was organized on November 12, 1848, in the Syracuse district, now known as Millersburg, at the home of Exum Powell, with six charter members, viz., William Allphin, John T. Crooks, Abraham Miller Jr., Exum Powell, Elizabeth Powell, and Louisa McClain. Elder Joseph Turnidge became the first pastor. The name of the church was shortened to Bethel, in 1868. The church met in later years at Tallman, Oregon.


Adams, Allen, Allphin, Balknap, Basset, Beebe, Blackburn, Bullack, Canoy, Clymer, Coffey, Coffield, Coon, Crooks, Doughton, Dyer, Easton, Elliott, Farlow, Fisher, Fountain, Froman, Garrison, George, Gilmore, Gregg, Groshong, Hail, Hall, Hanserd, Hargett, Harris, Hockensmith, Horner, Howell, Jacobs, Larkins, Loat, Loofbourrow, McLain, McQueen, Metcalf, Miller, Morrow, Munkers, Parker, Payne, Persifull, Piburn, Pickard, Pitchford, Powell, Rose, Short, Smith, Snodgrass, Stout, Tucker, Turnidge, Vanderpool, Watkins, Weart, Williams, Wright.


Mt. Zion Church was organized in 1853, and became a member of the Siloam Association the same year.


Scio Church was organized on January 25, 1873, with seven charter members, viz., Elder William M. Morrow, Elizabeth Morrow, Christian Clymer, Elizabeth Clymer, Edward Loat, Ann E. Loat, and Preston Munkers. The presbytery was composed of Elders Abner Shanks, Ezra Stout, A. T. Beebe, and Deacons David Baker, J. H. Adams, E. T. T. Fisher, John T. Crooks, and William Clymer.


Adams, Anderson, Avery, Bridges, Burch, Clymer, Coffey, Doty, Gerard, Goen, Harris, Holman, Jarnigan, Loat, Logsdon, Loofbourrow, McDonald, Morrow, Munkers, Nave, Pitchford, Savage, Stipp, Templeman, Ticknor, Tucker, Turnidge, Watkins, Williams, Wirt.


Pleasant Hill Church, at Crawfordsville, was organized on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in July 1880. Its location was near the base of the Cascade Mountains. The presbytery was composed of Elders James Vanderpool, John Turnidge, Vincent J. Turnidge, John Stipp, and Silas Williams, and Deacons Davis Parker and Samuel Doty, and Brethren J. H. Craven and Preston Munkers.


Bethlehem Church was organized on Saturday, July 16, 1887, at 2 o'clock p.m., with ten charter members, viz., William Tucker, Lucy Tucker, Joseph E. Turnidge, Elizabeth Turnidge, Samuel Doty, Rebecca Doty, William T. Loofbourrow, E. Loofbourrow, H. T. Nave, and Hannah E. Carrow, all of whom were dismissed for that purpose from the Scio Church, at Scio. The presbytery was composed of Elders Judson Loofbourrow, Daniel Bridges, J. P. Allison, W. S. Matthews, and Deacons Edward Loat and Bro. E. T. T. Fisher. The church was located about twelve miles east of Scio, on Fern Ridge.


Carrow, Doty, Hale, Horner, Loofbourrow, Nave, Rucker, Tucker, Turnidge (very incomplete list due to loss of records).

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