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Pleasant Grove Church, Goldendale, Klickitat County, (later Yakima, Yakima County) Washington, was constituted on December 21, 1878, at the Spring Creek School House, in Klickitat County, with eleven charter members, viz., T. G. Flanary, D. F. Hartley, S. R. Darland, William Fowler, Wesley Williamson, B. W. Crooks, J. L. Chamberlain, J. L. Gilmore, C. L. Bullack, Susan Darland, and Sonora A. Hess. The presbytery was composed of Elders W. J. Hess, and J. A. Bullack, and other brethren as follows: David Baker, William Shearer, and B. Gilmore.

The meetings were held at the No. 6 school house from 1879 until May 1885, when the meeting place was changed to Goldendale. Elder J. A. Bullack served as pastor until his death in 1888; he was followed by Elder George E. Mayfield, who served until June 1892. Elder William J. Hess was ordained by the church in October 1892, and was then called to serve as pastor. Several members having gone to Yakima County to reside, it was decided at the May meeting in 1896 to extend an arm of the church to that place. Elder William H. Gilmore was ordained by the church at about that time. The arm began keeping records in November 1900. The church finally agreed to move its place of meeting to Yakima, which became the church proper.


Akers, Allison, Artz, Attebery, Baker, Beebe, Biggs, Blystone, Bogart, Bowman, Brooks, Brown, Bullack, Carter, Casey, Chamberlain, Cheyne, Clymer, Coate, Crooks, Cunningham, Darland, Dawson, Dodge, Durham, Eaton, Embree, Flanary, Fowler, Frost, Gerard, Gilmore, Griffeth, Haan, Harris, Hartley, Hecox, Hess, Horner, Hughett, Kincaid, Lee, Lillard, Mayfield, McIntosh, Mitchell, Mosier, Owings, Peden, Pingel, Pitman, Preston, Reeder, Reynolds, Rice, Russell, Schleismayer, Shanks, Shawgo, Shearer, Simpson, Stephens, Taylor, Williamson, Wine, Wright.

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