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Pleasant Valley Church, near Kingman, was organized at Verner, on Saturday before the third Sunday in June 1896, with eight charter members, viz., Elder J. B. Hardy, Wilebour Hardy, William F. Winfrey, Eliza Winfrey, A. E. Combs, J. M. Wiseman, J. W. Johnson, and Henrietta Johnson. The presbytery was composed of Elders J. B. Hardy and J. J. Rowland. Elder J. B. Hardy was chosen to take the pastoral care of the church.

Elder W. A. Winfrey was the pastor, Maradell Richardson the clerk, and Robert E. Richardson, deacon, when the church dissolved in May 1991.


Birt, Burch, Buster, Carlson, Cates, Combs, Davis, Enoch, Fox, Garton, Hardy, Henry, Hess, Johnson, Latham, Lloyd, Martin, McChesney, McFeeters, Miller, Mills, Potter, Richardson, Robey, Robinson, Ulrich, Webb, Winfrey, Wiseman.

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