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Dry Creek Church was constituted on the 19th day of July, A. D. 1800, by the assistance of the church at Bullittsburg and the church at the Mouth of Licking. After having first given themselves to the Lord and to each other by the will of God, they were constituted on the doctrine of grace as set forth in the Philadelphia Confession of Faith. The helps from Bullitsburg were, John Taylor, William Cave, Jeremiah Kirtley and William Conner; from Mouth of Licking not named. The only names recorded who went into the constitution were, John Leathers, Adam Glore, Margaret Glore, Moses Vickers and Mary Vickers; but it is believed they were actually constituted with an aggregate of twenty-two members.

They adopted rules of order, recognizing the instructions or law of the Saviour as given in the 18th chapter of Matthew as the basis of church discipline. From the date of constitution until 1805, their records were lost. Moses Vickers, shortly after their organization, was licensed to preach, and in June, 1802, was ordained to the Gospel ministry, and served the Church many years acceptably in that capacity. In 1803, at the formation of North Bend Association" at Dry Creek, this Church went into that organization, reporting forty-five members, having previously appointed Moses Vickers, John Leathers and Leonard Crisler as messengers. At the meeting of the Association in 1804, they reported fifty-two as their number; and in 1805 the Minutes of the North Bend Association show that they had received by experience and baptism thirty-four, and by letter six, making the total membership of the church ninety.

In 1812 they dismissed twelve members, to go into the constitution of a church at the Forks of Gunpowder. Among the number we see the names of Lewis Conner, Lewis Crisler, Allen Crisler and Abram Vaughn. In 1814 Moses Vickers was dismissed by letter, and joined the church at the Forks of Gunpowder, when William Thompson was called to the care of the church.



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