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Drennon's Creek Church was organized in 1799.


Sulphur Fork Church was organized July 11, 1801, by Elders Alan McGuire, Isaac Malin, and James Dupuy. The charter members were Wharton Ransdell, John Ransdell, Thomas J. Ransdell, Lawrence Sanford, Conradus Pyles, Samuel Nelson, Robert Webb, and an eighth man whose name is lost (sisters names are not given, but they may have also been charter members). Sulphur Fork Church united first with the Salem Association.


Drennon's Ridge Church was organized in August 1801.


Newcastle Church was organized in the fall of 1801, by slave owners, to be a place of worship for their slaves, in the New Castle - Drennon area.


East Floyd's Fork Church was organized on September 11, 1802, by Elder Alan McGuire, with eleven charter members, all of whom were dismissed from Drennon's Ridge Church.



Mt. Pleasant Church united with the Otter Creek Association of Regular Baptists in 1849, at which time the church had 100 members.

CANE RUN (1813)

Cane Run Church, about forty-four miles east of Louisville, was organized by Elders Isaac Malin and James Dupuy, on August 23, 1813, with eight charter members, viz., Benjamin Perry, John McAndrews, William P. Yarbrough, Benjamin Johnson, Rosanna McGuire, Lucy McAndrews, Mary Perry, and Lucy Yarbrough.

Elder Isaac Malin became the first pastor. Elder W. D. Ball, who joined a church in Fauquier Co., Va., in 1816, came to this county and joined Cane Run Church, and was ordained there in 1835, by Hugh Montgomery and Isaac Malin, and became the second pastor. He died in 1862. The third pastor was Elder Samuel Jones, who was much loved by all, and was a natural born poet, able to readily compose on any subject given to him. Elder N. A. Hunston joined this church by letter from Union Forge Church in Shenandoah Co., Va., in 1849, and was ordained at Cane Run Church in 1854. He served as pastor until his death in 1890. He was followed by Elder P. W. Sawin.


Hopewell Church was organized in 1819.


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