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Severns Valley Church, near Elizabethtown, was organized June 18, 1781, (under a green sugar tree), by Elders William Taylor and Joseph Barnett. It was one of the three churches which organized the Salem Association of Kentucky at Cox's Creek Church in October 1785. Severns Valley Church was probably the first Baptist church organized in what is now the State of Kentucky. Spencer's History of the Baptists in Kentucky, and other sources, indicate that there were eighteen charter members, viz., Jacob Vanmeter Sr., Letty Vanmeter, Jacob Vanmeter Jr., Bennam Shaw, Isaac Dye, Hannah Dye, and three colored servants of Jacob Vanmeter Sr. (Mark, Bambo, and Daniel), with others whose names are unknown. It is also thought that Elder John Gerrard (who became the first pastor) and Thomas Helm were probably charter members. Among the early members are the names of many prominent settlers, and distinguished citizens, including John LaRue, Robert Hodgen, and Gen. Duff Green. The church probably divided over missions in the 1830's, but the details are not presently available to us.


Abell, Allen, Buckner, Carman, Chenowith, Crutcher, Dodge, Dye, Gerrard, Green, Hackley, Haycraft, Helm, Hodgen, Kennedy, Kirkpatrick, LaRue, Lovelace, McDougal, Miller, Pearpoint, Phillips, Quinn, Riddle, Rogers, Scott, Shaw, Smoot, Vanmeter, Varnel, Vertrees, Watkins (very incomplete list of early members only).


Mill Creek Church, of Hardin County, stood with the Regular Baptists in the division over arminianism and missions, and was one of the churches which organized the Otter Creek Association, in October 1839.

BETHEL (1806)


Union Church stood with the Regular Baptists in the division over arminianism and missions, and was one of the churches which organized the Otter Creek Association in October 1839.

GILEAD (1824)

Gilead Church was organized in 1824 by Elder Warren Cash. This church divided over missions in about 1840, and the majority followed their pastor, Elder Warren Cash, and stood with the Regular Baptists (against the arminianism of the Separate Baptists). Gilead Church united with the Otter Creek Association of Regular Baptists, which contained the following churches (some of whose county locations we have not determined), viz., Otter Creek (Meade), Little Flock (Nelson), Elk Creek (Spencer), Mill Creek (Hardin), Mt. Pleasant (Henry), Union (Hardin), Bethlehem, Hopeful (Ohio), Hopeful (Larue), Rock Creek, Beaverdam, Concord, Back Run, Mt. Pleasant (Meade), Mt. Tabor (Franklin), Mt. Moriah (Bullitt), Providence, Green River, Rough Creek, Bethel, Bacon Creek, Brush Creek, and Ephesus.

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