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Union Church was organized in 1789. The present meeting house was built in 1879. Pastors have included Elders J. W. Smoot, Charles Alderson, Philip Johnson, T. E. Majors, John Arnold, George Loy, Joseph Ruckman, William D Rees, and Douglas Heare. The church was a member, at one time of the Patterson's Creek Association, but later became an independent church. One of the first meeting houses (if not the first) was burned during the Civil War, and the earliest records were consequently lost.


Little Cacapon Church was organized at Levels, in the early 1800's, and met in members' homes. A new meeting house was built of hewn logs, about two and one half miles from Levels, and the church met in this building in July 1810, with Elder John Arnold as pastor. He was succeeded, in 1855, by Elder Jessie Monroe who served until his death in May 1860. He was followed by Elder Benjamin Cornwell (1860-1871), P. McInturff (1871-1885), T. N. Alderton (1885-1894), and B. W. Power, who was ordained at the church in 1886 and served until August 1927. A frame meeting house was erected duiring the pastorate of Elder Power, in 1886. It burned to the ground in 1915, and was replaced by another frame building. The church was inactive for a period of a few years until 1932, when Elder J. W. Smoot came and preached there, and the church revived, and held regular meetings.


Mt. Bethel Church, at Three Churches, was organized in August 1884, with five members, with Elder T. N. Alderson as the first pastor. The presbytery was composed of Elders T. N. Alderton and P. McInturf. Later pastors have included Elders B. W. Power, J. T. Power, J. W. Smoot, Clarence Frazier, Charles W. Alderton, Philip Johnson, and Douglas Heare. The meeting house was dedicated in May 1909. An earlier church, called Mt. Zion, may have existed in the same vicinity.

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