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Providence Church, near Syracuse, was organized at the residence of Brother Henry Q. Holdren, near Hatton, Kansas, on November 10, 1906. The charter members were A. G. Hurst, Henry Q. Holdren, Mattie Holdren, Martha Holdren, Myrtle Holdren, Maggie Grissom, and Thomas J. Crist. The presbytery was composed of Elders W. C. Perdue, D. B. Nowels, and G. M. Fetter; and Brethren L. E. Thompson and J. H. Hardy. Elder D. B. Nowels of Bethel Church, Lamar, Colorado, was chosen to serve the church as pastor. Sister Maggie Crist was baptized the following day. Later pastors included Charles R. Bixler, Elbert Holdren, and Clem Cook.

The church met for a while at the Henry Holdren home; next, at the "Old Rock House," about one-half mile east of the building which the church erected in 1917, and in which it met from that time on. This building was in what is now called the Bear Creek community, about 23 miles southwest of Syracuse, Kansas. In 1919 several members were dismissed to form Little Flock Church at Stonington, Colorado, where the church had authorized an arm two years earlier.


Abbott, Berry, Bixler, Branson, Brower, Buhrer, Caldwell, Collins, Crabill, Creamer, Crist, Finley, Freizen, Fry, Grissom, Haines, Hasty, Hatton, Herbig, Holdren, Hurst, Jeffries, Keller, Kerns, Kulander, Loomis, Loshe, Marvel, Nickerson, Parks, Peters, Riggs, Rule, Schmidt.

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