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Ebenezer Church was organized on the second Sunday in October, 1849, at the home of Elder William J. Fellingham, with five members. The Fellingham family were among the early settlers of the area, and they, and several other families in this church, were natives of England. Elder William J. Fellingham served the church as pastor until his death in 1867, and his brothers, John and George Fellingham, served as deacons. Elder Samuel Bradbeer, a member of Ebenezer Church, served as pastor of this church after the death of Elder Fellingham, until his own death in 1905.

Soon after being constituted, Ebenezer Church united with the Sandy Creek Association. In 1858, the church had grown to seven members, and was meeting every Sunday.

For several years after the church was organized, meetings were held in a school-house. In 1862, the church erected a modest frame meeting house, at a cost of about $800. This building was located about one-half mile north and one half mile east of Verona, on the southeast corner of an intersection of the blacktop road. This was on Elder Fellingham's farm. After the church ceased to meet, 30 or 40 years later, the building was moved into Verona and converted to a private residence.

Ebenezer Church was still representing in the Sandy Creek Association in 1897 (the latest minutes available, as the Association did not meet after 1898). At that time the church had ten members.


Ash, Bradbeer, Carrick, Fellingham, Gilbert, Knibbs, Leach, Linton, Ragan, Richards, Rumney, Rushton, Sifleet, Whitton (very incomplete list due to loss of records).

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