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Hebron Church joined the White River Association as a newly constituted church in 1822.


Richland Church became a member of the White River Association in 1823.


White River Church became a member of the White River Association in 1824.


Bethlehem Church became a member of the White River Association in 1826.



Samaria Church became a member of the White River Association in 1830.


Union Church was organized on the first Saturday in July, 1860, in Greene County. The presbytery was composed of Elder Gideon Potter, Bro. Chambers, and John W. Carmichael. The charter members were all disimissed from Hebron Church, viz., Archibald Carmichael, Martha Carmichael, Hardy Sparks, Jacob Hostetter, Albert H. King, Rachel King, Constance J. Carmichael, Mary Ann Carmichael, Andrew Martindale, Nancy Martindale, Hiram Rankins, John Carmichael Jr., Mahaley Carmichael, and Augustin Carmichael. Meetings were held for several years in homes of the members, or schools, until December 1867 when the church agreed to build a meeting house on the lower corner of Henry Sparks' land. It was replaced in 1880 with the present meeting house, in the vicinity of Buena Vista, near Little Indian Creek. The church prospered, and lettered out members to organize new churches several times. In 1865 an arm of the church began meeting in Page county, Iowa, until it was constituted, in 1868. In 1884 28 members who had met as an arm of this church were dismissed by letter to constitute West Union Church in Nodaway County, Missouri. In 1905 several members were dismissed to organize a church in or near Vincennes. A total of 29 pastors have served Union Church to the present time. In 1872 Elder James H. Oliphant was ordained to the ministry by this church.


Acuff, Anderson, Arthur, Baggarly, Bennett, Bowers, Brassfield, Bray, Brown, Burch, Burge, Burks, Byers, Cannon, Carmichael, Carter, Cathcart, Chastain, Clendenen, Collins, Coverdill, Crum, East, Eaton, Edwards, Evans, Fausett, Ferguson, Floyd, Foddrill, Foster, Fowler, Freeman, Graves, Green, Gwaltney, Hall, Hatfield, Henderson, Hodges, Holtsclaw, Horstman, Hostetter, Hutchins, Inman, Jordan, Kaiser, Kelly, King, Kirk, Mann, Martindale, McDonnell, McDonald, McFarland, Miller, Minks, Mitchell, Mood, Nelinger, Noris, Oliphant, Pedigo, Penington, Perry, Phillips, Pickard, Rankins, Riddle, Rite, Robinson, Santafer, Sare, Seiron, Sexton, Sharr, Shelton, Shields, Simmons, Simpson, Smith, Snow, Sparks, Stark, Stone, Stretcher, Stults, Sullivan, Sumner, Swinford, Teague, Varner, Waterford, Weaver, Wilson, Wood.







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