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Brush Creek Church was constituted in the year 1791, on Pitman's Creek near the residence of C. C. Mooris, and in 1796 was removed to near its present location, where the congregation worshiped in a log house until about th eyear 1833. The records of the church from 1791 until 1846, were all destroyed in a fire. It is believed that Elder William Graham, and his son Elder Jonathan Graham, Cassandra Graham, wife of Jonathan Graham, and Edward Lewis were members of the church and went into the organization. The pastors, as far as could be determined, were Elders Benjamin Lynn, Jonathan Graham, William Matthews (until 1804), Thomas Whitman, Johnson Graham, John Miller, and others.


Trammel's Creek Church was constituted by Elder Elijah Summers, in about 1797. It appears Elder Elijah Summers was the firt pastor, but was followed by Elder Thomas Skaggs in about 1802, when Elder Skaggs, Jonathan Latham, Benjamin Bayless as messengers to the Green River Association that year. In 1804 Trammel Creek Church united with the newly formed Russell Creek Association. Some of the early names of members of Trammel's Creek Church were Elijah Summers, Jonathan Latham, Charles Harper, Thomas Skaggs, Benjamin Bayless, William Radcliff, John Smith, Elder Jacob Gum, John Slinker, James Forbis, J. Green, William Jones, John Scott Sr., John Scott Jr., and Stephen Biggs. Eldeer Jacob Gum was a son of old Jacob Gum, whose name appears with many of the early land transactions involving Richard Skaggs, the "Long Hunter."


In August 1799, when the Elkhorn Association was held at Great Crossing in Scott Co., Ky., one John White represented a newly constituted church called "Russell Creek" which had a membership of 15. Within the following year the church went into the Green River Association, her messengers being Elder John White and Henry Hatcher.



West Fork of Brush Creek Church was constituted on October 17, 1801, by Elders Benjamin Lynn and William Matthews with other helps. There were thirty-two charter members, all but one coming from Brush Creek Church. Their names were: John Mathew, John Skaggs, Moses Etherson, Robert Crevatt, Jesse Elkin, Jeremiah Skaggs, Stephen Skaggs, William Mollard, George Holbrooks, Samuel Mollard, Jeremiah Skaggs, David Elkin, Samuel Carebo, Joseph Wright, Frederick Fulkerson, Elizabeth Skaggs, Mary Skaggs, Mary Mathews, Elizabeth Pepper, Hannah Holbrooks, Sarah Carebo, Rhoda Warren, Nancy Elkin, Rachel Elkin, Juda Wright, Rosannah Mollard, Jane Skaggs, Barbara Warren, Elizabeth Elkin, Rebeckah Brewer, Sarah Wright, Sarah Warren, and Edy Johnson. This church remained in the Russell Creek Association until 1814, when it withdrew and united with the South Kentucky Association of Separate Baptists. The name of the church was later changed to Liberty.



Meadow Creek Church first appeared in the minutes of the Green River Association in 1802 as a new constitution. In 1804, it joined the Russell Creek Association, where it continued until 1824 when it was reported dissolved.


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