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Gilbert's Creek Church was the third Baptist church in the State of Kentucky. Its history is one of thrilling interest, as its origin was in Virginia, where it was born amid relentless persecution. It was organized by members of the Upper Spotsylvania Church, which had been organized in November 1767, and where Elder Lewis Craig was ordained in November 1770. He was arrested in Caroline County, for preaching the gospel, and was imprisoned for three months. He continued to serve the Upper Spotsylvania Church until 1781, his labors being attended with much success. He then determined to remove to Kentucky, and so strong was the attachment of his church to him, that many of the members came with him. They organized themselves into a church on September 28, 1781, and moved as a church body to Kentucky. Some historians believe the church had about 200 members when it was first organized on Gilbert's Creek. In 1783, however, Elder Craig moved across the Kentucky river, and formed South Elkhorn church, in Fayette County, and since many of the members again moved with him, the Gilbert's Creek Church soon dwindled, and had dissolved by 1786.



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