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Buck Marsh Church was organized in 1772. Elder James Ireland was an early pastor of this church.


Timber Ridge Church was organized in 1809, and its first pastor was Elder John Hutchinson. The members under his pastorate included John Bageant and wife, Nancy Wall, Silas Prater and wife, Elizabeth Coe, Elizabeth Lane, Jacob Hoff and wife, Sallie Cann, and James Somerville and wife.

The meeting house was constructed of logs, and weatherboarding was placed on it later. The situation is naturally beautiful, on a level expanse, with a cool grove adjoining, in Frederick County, Virginia, and is three to four miles from the West Virginia line to the west and north. The church was often visited by members of Enon Church.

The second pastor was Elder Herbert Cool. He baptized many, among whom were Mariah Heironimus, William Hutchinson and wife, Jesse Hutchinson and wife, Esther Miller, Susan Manzy, Elizabeth Heironimus, Frederick Keiter and wife, Sophia Coe, Elisha Cool, William Cool, Hiram Simpson, and others.

Elder John Arnold was the third pastor, Elder Joseph Rutman was fourth, Elder George Loy was fifth, Elder William Marvin was sixth, Elder Joseph Furr was seventh, Elder Philip McInturff was eighth. Elder Joseph Correll, of Pennsylvania, was the ninth pastor, and was followed by Elder Funk, and finally Elder B. W. Power, up to the year 1906.


Cedar Creek Church was organized in July 1894, by a presbytery composed of Elders T. S. Dalton, W. T. Eaton, and John K. Booton.

Many years prior to the constitution of the church, preaching services were held inthe community by different ministers. Many members were added during this time though no minutes were kept to record these meetings. In order to properly function as a church, it was considered wise to be constituted into a church body.

Elder John K. Booton was called to be pastor of Cedar Creek Church and was retained by the church as pastor until his death in 1903. On February 4, 1905 Elder A. J. Garland accepted the care of the church, and served as pastor until March 31, 1907. In February 1908, Elder J. A. Norton was called. He served till December 1912. Elder J. T. Power was called in March 1913, with Elder Norton as alternate, and served until September 1919, when he became full pastor, serving until October 1946. Elder Ben H. Seekford was called next, and served until December 1954. He was followed by Elder W. G. Fletcher.

Deacons have been W. H. Brumback, Jesse Hutchinson, N. D. Hite, T. M. Good, A. J. Brumback, J. W. Brumback, V. S. Shaffer, C. K. Wright, H. L. Brumback. Clerks have included J. H. Brumback, H. L. Brumback, Anna C. Brumback Wright, and Lillian Stover.

The church met in different places at first, until they rented the Old Stone Church in Marlboro, a "new school" Baptist church house. It was here that Cedar Creek Church was constituted. The church later rented the Presbyterian Church building in Marlboro. In October 1921 the church bought an acre of land from Mrs. Jamerson, and began construction of a new building, which was dedicated in August 1922.

Cedar Creek Church became a member of the Ebenezer Association at the session held at Battle Run Church in August 1902.

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