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Holmes Prairie Church is mentioned in the manuscript minutes of the Okaw Association of 1838, although not listed in the statistical tables as a member (probably through an oversight). The church was probably organized several years before 1838. In 1842, Holmes Prairie Church hosted the annual session of the Okaw Association.

Among the earliest members who served as messengers to the Association are Elder Isaac Sidwell, Benjamin Griffeth, Nelson Powell, and P. Beck.

The exact location of this church has not been determined, but one source indicates it met in Fayette County. It is probable that it met at different times in both Effingham and Fayette counties. This church hosted the Okaw Association in 1849, 1858, 1868, and 1902, and other times (some of the minutes of the association have not been found).


Beck, Cline, Cummings, Davis, Drake, Eckles, Fanning, Frantz, Gillstrap, Greer, Griffeth, Hawkins, Hubbard, Jackson, Jennings, Parkhurst, Powell, Ramsey, Riley, Roberts, Sidwell (very incomplete list due to loss of records).


Mt. Pleasant Church was a member of the Okaw Association (Threlkeld faction), which later changed its name to Little Flock, and then finally New Hope Association. It is believed that this church was originally located in Effingham. In 1872, Mt. Pleasant Church (or possibly a faction of the church) purchased property in the town of Watson. In 1877, the church reported 53 members. In 1891, the church hosted the Association at the Fairview School, three miles north of Mason, in Effingham County. Elder Henry Shallenberger served the church as pastor, followed later by Elder G. W. Mathes, who was also a member here.


Billings, Bradley, Comstock, Davidson, Edwards, Kagay, Lamb, Malony, Martin, Mathes, Meadly, Murphy, Pinkston, Piper, Reeves, Reynolds, Spitler, Turner, White, Wilson (very incomplete list due to loss of records).


Mt. Gilead Church became a member of the Okaw Association sometime during the late 1840's or 1850's. Andrew J. Gilbert and Elizabeth his wife gave land for the church and a cemetery, in Moccasin township, Sec. 25, which is a few miles northeast of Altamont, in 1855. Elder S. H. Pullin, Isaac Daniel, and Andrew J. Gilbert were messengers from this church. Andrew J. Gilbert, Isaac Daniel, and Nathaniel Ramsey were trustees of the church in 1855.


A church named Providence, in Effingham County, is mentioned in the minutes of Crooked Creek Church, in Clay County, when a letter was received for help to consider whether to dissolve the church, in October 1844.


Wabash Church was a member of the New Hope Association at one time. The church obtained property about two miles NW of Mason in 1872, and evidently had a church building there, and continued to meet until at least 1915, when it was sold.


Part of the minutes of the Okaw and New Hope Associations. We would appreciate help from anyone who knows of the existence of any minutes or records of these churches, photos, etc.

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