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Cross Roads Church was organized on Saturday before the second Sunday in July 1803, by members who had formerly belonged at Conetoe and Flat Swamp churches. Elders Joseph Biggs and Jonathan Cherry formed the presbytery. Elder Cherry became the first pastor, and served until his death in 1818. He was followed by Elder William Hyman, who also served until his death, in 1861. The church was then served for a number of years by Elder John H. Daniel, then by Elder Daniel House. The Kehukee Association met here in 1873, and the attendance was estimated to be between 10,000 and 13,000.

This church is situated about eight miles east of Tarboro.

CONETOE (1803)

Little Conetoe Church was organized July 28, 1803, with twenty-six charter members, viz., Thomas Ross, Martha Ross, Tabitha Cherry, William Cherry, Nathan Stancil, Elizabeth Stancil, Jacob Gummer, Levina Gummer, William Billips, John Laurence Sr., Ann Laurence, Francis Knight, Thomas Jenkins, Joseph Hopkins, J. Little, Frances Little, James Thigpen, Eley Thigpen, Joshua Wilkerson, Arnold Hopkins, Henry Lee, Levy Mayo, William Shelton, John Laurence Jr., Josiah Williams, and Labon Lewis. The presbytery was composed of Elders Joseph Biggs, Joshua Barnes, and Jonathan Cherry. Elder Thomas Ross became the first pastor, followed by Elders Thomas Dupree, John H. Daniel, William A. Ross, and David House.



Williams Church was organized on Thursday before the fourth Sunday in August, 1804, by Elders Mark Bennett and Philemon Bennett, with thirty-five members, dismissed for that purpose from Fishing Creek church. It was originally called Prospect Chapel, but in 1811 the meetings were moved to the farm of John Williams, he giving the land. Large accessions of members were soon received. Pastors included Elders Philemon Bennett, Mark H. Bennett, R. D. Hart, J. H. Daniel, J. W. Stamper, and Jordan W. Johnson.


Lawrence's Church was organized in 1805, having formerly been a branch of the Kehukee Church. Elder Joshua Lawrence (for whom the church was named) served this church as its first pastor. Large numbers of members were added to the church, and many dismissed to organize new churches, during his ministry. In 1849 Elder Blount Cooper became pastor. After his death in 1852, Elder John Stamper was called, and served until May 1872. In October 1873 Elder William F. Bell was called and served until May 1877. Elder James S. Woodard then accepted the post. He was followed in 1882 by Elder R. H. Harris.


TARBORO (1819)

Tarboro Church, in downtown Tarboro at the corner of St. James Street and Albemarle Avenue, was organized on February 7, 1819, by Elders Joshua Lawrence, Martin Ross, Thomas Billings, and Thomas Meredith. There were six charter members, viz., Samuel Smith, Eli Porter, Peter P. Lawrence, Mamie Joyner, Navey Blake, and Ann Lawrence, who were dismissed from Conetoe and Cross Roads for that purpose. The present church building was erected in 1826, after the first building was destroyed. Elder Joshua Lawrence served this church as pastor until 1843. He was followed by Elder Blount Cooper, a member of Conetoe Church. Elder Robert C. Leachman preached here often during the Civil War period. Elder I. N. Vanmeter of Illinois visited Tarboro and preached several times in 1874. Elder P. D. Gold became the pastor in 1878. He was followed in about 1910 by Elder E. C. Stone.



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