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Mt. Zion Church, at Roseburg, was organized in 1853.


Alford, Cranfill, Fountain, Hockersmith, Lemay, Mansfield, Pollard, Turner (very incomplete list due to loss of records).


Umpqua Church, at Umpqua, was organized on October 28, 1859, with six members, four brethren and two sisters, by Elders John Stipp, Isom Cranfill, and probably others. William Hutson, David Ridenour, and Samuel Fitzhugh were among the charter members. This church united with the Siloam Association, and is mentioned in the minutes as late as 1863. Some of the members of this church united with Oak Creek Church after it was organized.


Cranfill, Fitzhugh, Flanary, Hutson, Jarnigan, Kent, Ridenour, Stanley, Thornton (very incomplete list due to loss of records).


Oak Creek Church, at Oak Creek (about eight miles east of Roseburg), was organized in 1870, with four members, two of whom were Deacon Jeptha Thornton and his wife Martha Thornton. The following year the church received new members by letter and by baptism, and increased to ten members, including Elder Isom Cranfill.

Ministers who held membership in this church included Elders Isom Cranfill, William S. Matthews, Jeptha Thornton, Joseph P. Allison, Jesse W. Thornton, and John Burge. Elder Jeptha Thornton was ordained here in about 1880/1881, and Elder Jesse W. Thornton was ordained by this church in 1902.

Oak Creek Church united with the Siloam Association in 1871, and remained a member of that body throughout its existence, being mentioned as late as 1926.

It is believed that Oak Creek Church constructed a meeting house at or very near the site of the Oak Creek Cemetery.


Adams, Agee, Allison, Atterberry, Baker, Burge, Coon, Cranfill, Kent, Matthews, Melton, Stephens, Templeman, Thornton, Turpin (very incomplete list due to loss of records).

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