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Clear Fork Church was organized near Read, Colorado, on March 25, 1905, with six members, who were immigrants to the area from old Virginia, viz., Elder F. M. Watenberger, D. C. Collins, Lena Collins, L. S. Galyens, Litha Collins, and Mary P. Collins. The church met at the homes of its members for many years. Part of the time, in later years, meetings were held in the home of Brother and Sister Walter Gilbert, near Olathe. The church then purchased a meeting house in the town of Delta, Colorado. Among the ministers who served this church as pastor were Elders Watenberger, J. Milton Arledge, D. T. Wood, Joe Meece, L. J. McCarty, Ira Fry, J. C. Smart, and Jerry Cleburne.


Arledge, Collins, Galyens, Gilbert, Shields, Watenberger (very incomplete list due to loss of records).

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