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for Primitive Baptist Churches in Day County, Oklahoma

(This County was divided between Ellis and Roger Mills Counties in 1907)



Liberty Church was constituted September 3, 1899, at Dewery Schoolhouse, in the southeast corner of Day County, Oklahoma, by Elder J. B. Donathan and Deacon A. B. Keith, with the following members: J. T. Cates and wife, Francis Cates, J.F. Donathan, wife of Elder J. B. Donathan, Mary Keith, wife of Deacon A. B. Keith, E. H. Cates and wife, Sarah Cates.

After the constitution of the church, Elder J. B. Donathan and Deacon A. B. Keith joined by letter.

Elder Donathan served the church as pastor until July 1905, when Elder A. M. Morris was called to the pastoral care of the church.

The church was in the constitution of Elk Creek Association.

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