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This church was constituted in 1782, and revived in 1822. The number of males at the constitution was eleven; the number of females does not appear. Elder Henry Abbott was the first pastor. Elder Malachi Corble was chosen pastor in 1824, Elder John D. Wicker in 1869, Elder Charles Mead in 1874, and Elder Caleb T. Crank in 1876. Deacons included John Tatum, Joseph Baxter, Foster Jarvis, Abel Palmer, Franklin Jarvis, Peter L. Tatum, William Tatum, and John T. Hampton. Clerks included Willilam Daxey, John Jarvis, Dempsey Walker, William Parker, and others. The church declared non-fellowship with the missionaries in 1841. The house of worship is situated near Currituck Court House.


Ths church was formed early in the nineteenth century by members from Coinjock Church. The pastors included Foster Jarvis, Samuel Tatum, Caleb T. Sawyer, Hodges Gallop, John D. Wicker, and Avery J. Austin. Deacons included B. Owens, James Melson, Hodges Gallop, Stinson Sawyer, Willoughby Sawyer, Benjamin Evans, William Owens, William Snow, Caleb Sawyer, John M. Jarvis, Ivy Dowdy, William M. Shaddick, and Caleb C. Aydlett. This church united with the Kehukee Association in 1831, having previously been a member of the Chowan Association.


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