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We invite Primitive Baptists, and their friends, in city of Chicago, or anywhere in the Chicago metropolitan or suburban area, as well as in southeastern Wisconsin, to contact us at our email address shown below. We are presently holding worship services within reasonable driving distance of Chicago, based on what is most convenient for the most of the people who attend. The place of meeting is flexible, so we encourage others to let us know where they are located.



Bethel Church was organized in 1928 with four members, viz., Wesley Spitler, Keene Spitler, Emma E. Brunow and Ruth Keene Spitler. The presbytery was composed of Elders J. H. Blair (Harmony Church, Indiana); Harold T. Janes (Zoar Church, Illinois); and Deacon J. B. Ashby, and Brother J. B. Smith (Blue Grass Church, Indiana). Elder Charles A. Jones (Hazel Creek Church, Missouri) was invited to a seat in the council. The church met every Sunday at the home of Wesley Spitler on South St. Louis Avenue in Chicago for a period of time after its organization.


The Chicago Primitive Baptist Church was organized on August 30, 1942, in Chicago. Eight members were in the constitution, viz., Fred D. Kasserman, William Vandeveer, Audy F. Collier, Ollie B. Collier, Edna Bennett, Maye Nelson, Mary E. Schaben, and Avis Stinson. The presbytery was composed of Elders Ernest Bradley, Adam Sarber, Earl Daily, Elias Sarber, F. M. Pope, and N. F. Graves; and Deacons U. G. Roahrig, Fred Gottschalk, G. F. Doty, Thomas B. Clapp, Olad E. Allen, and Otis Pile.

Services for the first thirty years were held primarily in the Austin YMCA in northwest Chicago; later, in the Oak Park YMCA, in Oak Park. Elder James Thetford was ordained to the ministry by this church in April 1950. Elder Esley J. Kirk united with the church by letter in December 1956.


Alton, Barber, Bennett, Brock, Cayson, Chapman, Christian, Clayton, Collier, Copelin, DeGood, Frazier, Gibbs, Gibson, Harrison, Heidorn, Hill, Hill, Hinkle, Holder, Holtet, Honek, Hulett, James, Johnson, Jones, Kane, Kasserman, Kendrigan, Kirby, Kirk, Leffman, Malloy, McMullen, Michael, Nelson, Newsome, Olsen, Owens, Riggs, Ripley, Schaben, Scott, Shelburne, Sickman, Slaichert, Stinson, Stuckey, Sugg, Taylor, Thetford, Upchurch, Vandeveer, Warren, Wickline, Williams, Windsor, Woodward.



Guildfield Church was a charter member of the Northwestern Association of (Colored) Primitive Baptists, when it was organized in 1927. We have not been able to obtain the details regarding the time, place, or members names when it was constituted. In 1927, Elder B. F. Jordan was pastor, John Armstead was clerk, and R. Moore was the deacon. Little Guildfield Church was still listed as a member of that association in 1987, with Elder Quitman Wiggins, of Detroit, Michigan, shown as the pastor; Ivy Alston the clerk; and Albert J. English, deacon. This church is shown as being located at 524 E. 75th Street, Chicago, Illinois.


New Canaan Church, of Chicago, was listed as a member of the Sipsey River (Colored) Primitive Baptist Association, for 1962 (the oldest minutes we have obtained). This association was organized in 1873, and is composed primarily of churches in the state of Alabama. New Canaan Church in 1962 had 19 members, and Elder M. Wilson is listed as a member and pastor. In 1965, the church reported 23 members. In 1973, the New Canaan Church is listed in the Primitive Baptist Sipsey River Association, and reported 22 members, with Elder Willie Davis as a member, and Elder B. T. O'Neal as pastor. The exact location is not stated in the association minutes. New Mt. Zion Church (colored) of East St. Louis, Illinois, was also listed as a member of this association.


New Light Church, of Chicago, appears in the minutes of the Original Sipsey River Association (primarily of Alabama), in 1980, having joined between 1976 and 1980. In 1980, the church reported 11 members. Minutes of the 119th annual session of the Original Sipsey River Association, for 1991, composed primarily of churches in Alabama, disclose that New Light Church was still a member of this association. Elder Willie Davis, of Chicago, is listed as the pastor, and Deacon Robert E. White was a delegate, who reported a total of 14 members in fellowship. The location of the church meetings is not stated in the association minutes.

Note: We have no current information on the black churches except that they did exist. There may be other negro Primitive Baptist churches in Chicago which we have not listed here.

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