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According to previous arrangement, the brethren and sisters met at the house of G. E. Miller, for the purpose of being organized a Predestinarian Baptist Church. Elder T. R. Rule preached an interesting sermon from Hebrews 2:11, "For both he that sanctifieth, and they who are sanctified are all of one; for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren."

Elder J. Dean was unanimously chosen Moderator, and G. E. Miller clerk. Examination of the constituents by Elder Dean, which was satisfactory. The brethren were found to be sound in the faith and order, as held by the Old School Baptists. Prayer by Elder Dean, Charge by Elder Rule. After which the church was pronounced duly constituted, and the right hand of fellowship was given by the Moderator.

Elder Dean was called to the pastoral chair, and Brother G. E. Miller, clerk. A door was opened for the reception of members, and Sister M. Vance was received on experience and baptism. The constituents were nine in number, viz., G. E. Miller Sr., G. E. Miller Jr., I. G. White, J. W. Curtis, T. H. Dawson, and sisters P. A. White, Luann J. B. Dawson, Catharine K. Miller, and Lavinia J. Dawson.


Clark, Curtis, Dawson, Miller, Vance, White (incomplete).


Pursuant to a request from a number of baptized believers holding to the faith of the Primitive Baptists, scattered in Colfax Co., New Mexico, in the southwestern Rockies, Elder Asa Howard, of Zion Hill Church, Parker Co., Texas, and Elder A. D. Bourland, of Denton Creek Church, Tarrant Co., Texas, met with the brethren and sisters on the 2d day of November at the residence of Mr. J. B. Dawson, at Mt. View, New Mexico, and proceeded to the organization of a Primitive, Predestinarian Baptist Church.

Letters were presented from Primitive Baptist Churches in six different states, and were accepted by the council after due examination; and the Moderator, Elder Asa Howard, pronounced the first Old School Predestinarian Baptist Church of Colfax Co., New Mexico to be a regularly constituted church in gospel order.

The church then proceeded with business. A unanimous call was given for the ordination of Brother G. M. Fetter, a licentiate of the Old School Baptist Church of Southampton, Bucks Co., Pa., and one of the constituent members of said church just organized. Two young men, one from Colorado, and one the eldest son of J. B. Dawson, presented themselves before the church, related some of the dealings of the Lord with them, and were received for baptism.

Preaching, praise and prayer occupied the remainder of the day and evening. On Sunday morning, November 3d, pursuant to arrangement, the church assembled, and presented the candidate, Brother G. M. Fetter, to the presbytery for ordination. He related his Christian experience, call to the ministry, and gave expression at length of his doctrinal views; and after examination, the presbytery being fully satisfied with his calling and qualifications requisite to that of a gospel minister, proceeded with the laying on of hands by the presbytery. Prayer by Elder A. D. Bourland. Charge by Elder Asa Howard. Right hand of fellowship by the members of the presbytery, and by each member of the church.

On Sunday afternoon, at two oclock, Brother L. E. Thompson, of Trinidad, Colorado, and Brother A. G. Dawson, of Maxwell City, New Mexico, were buried in baptism in the Vermejo River, near the residence of J. B. Dawson, and received into full membership with the newly constituted church, which has adopted the name of Shiloh, and we trust that others who are lingering without may be gathered into it.

Monday morning the church convened for business and proceeded to elect Brother A. G. Dawson, Clerk, and Elder G. M. Fetter, Pastor and Moderator of the church.


Boggs, Dawson, Deane, Fetter, Thompson, Vance, Welborn (incomplete due to loss of records).


Bethel Church was organized November 7, 1943

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