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Bethel Church united with the Illinois Association in 1818, her messenger being George Shipman, who reported 15 members, an increase of 8 during the year. It appears from this, that Bethel Church was organized in 1817 or 1818, with about seven charter members. In 1819, William Roundtree was the messenger; in 1820, John Creele; in 1821 and 1822, John Rowe and John Creele; in 1823, Alexander Conlee and Isaac Conlee; in 1824, D. G. Howard and John Creele; in 1825, Job Badgley, John Creele, and John Rowe; in 1826-1827, John Creele and John Rowe; in 1830, Elisha Blevin, John Creele, and John Rowe; in 1832, John Creele and John Blevin.

Between 1835 and 1847, the church was represented irregularly, or not at all, at the association meetings. From 1848 through 1853 the church was listed, but not represented, at the annual sessions of the Illinois Association. In 1854, Sugar Creek Church was represented again, with 5 members, of whom 2 had been baptized that year. From 1856 through 1862, the church was represented by Bro. David Barnes as messenger.

The church was called Bethel in the Illinois Association minutes of 1823; in 1824, it was called Sugar Creek, but the location was still given as Washington County. Clinton County was formed in 1824 by dividing Washington County, and Sugar Creek Church was listed as being located in Clinton County, beginning in 1825. The church was probably located in the western part of Clinton County, near Sugar Creek, which runs north and south through two townships. Sugar Creek Church hosted the Illinois Association in 1828 and again in 1831, at the home of Bro. John Rowe. The church also hosted the Association in 1839, 1847, and 1857, but the location is not stated.


Barnes, Blevin, Brazel, Conlee, Creele, Culley, Donahoe, Garrison, Howard, James, Jones, Palmier, Ragland, Ramey, Roundtree, Rowe, Shipman, Tackit, West, Williams (very incomplete list due to loss of records).


A church called Concord, with 8 members, united with the Illinois Association at the session of 1821. It continued to be listed, but not represented by letter or messengers until 1827. The last two years of this time it was shown as being located in Clinton County (it had previously been listed as being in Washington County). No names of any of its members were given, or any other clues by which we could learn more about it.


Minutes of the Illinois Baptist Association (organized in 1807).

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