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Eel River Church, in Cass township, west side of Eel river, near the old Samuel Stigler place, was the first church organization in Clay County of any faith, and it preceded in point of time the actual organization of the county itself. The constitution evidently occurred in 1822, or earlier, as the church united with the White River Association in the fall of 1822. In 1825 it was one of the churches which organized the Eel River Association.

The original church building was a log house on the river bank, near the Carpenter mill-seat, and was the first house of worship built within the boundaries of the county.



There was a Primitive or Predestinarian Baptist church in the south part of Posey township, on the Lower Bloomington road, formerly at Cloverland, but then moved and located at this point. This may have been Mt. Zion Church.



Little Flock Church was organized in April 1851. The original log meeting house was built about the same time, and was later replaced with a frame building. Little Flock Church first joined the Wabash District Association. Then in 1888 the church joined the White River Association, of which it remained a member until 1958. The church was located on the Thomas Crist land, about 1 1/4 mile north of Coalmont, in Lewis township.

Pastors of the church included Elders Asel Staggs, William Hawkins, George Chastain, F. M. Brown, C. W. Kemper, C. Tabor, W. S. Green, James H. Oliphant, W. A. Crist, S. Inman, W. A. Pinkstaff, Tom Mitchell, S. Fisher, J. C. Hampton, Arnold Malicoat, and Cecil Fuson.

Clerks (all of whom were members of the church) included: Peter Chastain, Absalom Critchfield, William Bucklew, Dan Goble, L. J. Payne, John Kester, W. A. Crist, S. J. Payne, George W. Chastain, T. J. Crist, Julie Kester, Joseph Warmbaugh, J. T. Goble, R. Thompson, Pearl Goble, Commodore Shelton, and Edith Shelton.


Asbury, Briley, Buckalew, Chastain, Crist, Critchfield, Freeze, Fuson, Goble, Gordon, Green, Harris, Henderson, Jeffers, Kester, Malone, Payne, Purcel, Shelton, Stout, Syester, Thompson, Warmbaugh, Whitney (very incomplete).

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