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Rector Church was organized February 22, 1898, in Rector. The charter members were Elder W. P. Hancock, Sophia Hancock, D. M. Simpson, Luisa Simpson, Harvey Hancock, Bertie Murphy, Levi Gogue, E. F. Travathan, and Daniel Abney. T. B. Travathan joined the church immediately after it was constituted. The church sent messengers to join the Harmony Association.

The first meeting house was erected at Rector in 1903. The present brick building was completed in 1998.

Pastors of Rector Church have included Elders W. P. Hancock (1898), W. Garner (1902), J. S. Simpson (1905), W. E. Brush (1907), George Gibbons (1908), Simon Reeder (1913), A. H. Insco (1920), P. E. Whitwell (1921), B. D. Bryant (1937), W. N. Phillips (1941), A. M. Braden (1945), T. M. Blackburn (1946), H. D. Fulmer (1950), James B. Parker (1953), Commodore Brand (1966), James Braden (1969), J. B. Browning (1971), Travis Eye (1973), Johnnie Bernero (1980), Carroll Gibbons (1983), and John R. Cooper (1995).

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