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The records of Providence Church state "A company of Baptists came from the older parts of Virginia to Holston River, in December 1780 . . . Robert Elkin minister and John Vivian elder, and in January, 1781, they, with other Baptists, formed themselves into a body, in order to carry on church discipline, and, in September, the 28th, 1781, became constituted by Lewis Craig and John Vivian, with the members, to wit (followed by a list of 42 names). The church remained in the Holston colony until the first day of September 1783, when the principal part of the members moved to Kentucky, carrying their church constitution with them. They settled on Howard's Creek, near Boonesboro, and held services. The church later united with the North District Association.


Goshen Church, at Goshen (near Winchester), was organized on January 14, 1797, by Elders Ambrose Dudley and Donald Holmes, at the home of William Payne. There were fifty-nine (59) charter members.

The present brick meeting house has been in use by the church since 1870. Pastors who have served the church have included Elders Thomas Boone (until his death in 1855), James Edmonson, William Rupard (1856-1904), J. W. Anderson (1904-1910), J. M. Culton (1910-1920), W. L. Kash (1921-1952), Robert Shockley (1952-1975), and Edward Reed (1975 to present).






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