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Davis Creek Church was organized on October 1, 1797, by a presbytery which met at the request of the Kehukee Association to investigate the ripeness for constitution of those who were peitioning for a church at this place. The petitioners were John Box, Elizabeth Weaver, Peter Vanbibber, Sarah Boydstun, John Vanbibber, Elizabeth Box, George Yoakum, Priscillia Box, Samuel Weaver, Jane Parmerly, Giles Parmerly, Sarah Newport, Thomas McBride, Betsy McLain, Rachel Davis, and Sarah Jones. The charter members were John Box, Mary Weaver, Peter Vanbibber, Susanna Ausmus, John Vanbibber, Hannah Pabley, George Yoakum, Elizabeth Cameron, Samuel Weaver, Phebe Roberts, Giles Parmerly, Sarah Bennett, Thomas McBride, Sarah Douthit, John Newport, Ann Grey, Stephen Claypool, Catherene Boydstun, Evan Douthit, Elizabeth (Newport) Boydstun, Thomas Boydstun, Rebekah Bennett, Rachel Davis, Rhoda Ausmus, Elizabeth Weaver, Sarah Cain, Sarah Boydstun, Martha Cain, Elizabeth Box, Winny Birdsong, Priscillia Box, ------ Wolbank?, Jane Parmerly, ---- Capps, Sarah (Mrs. Richard) Newport, Elender McNabb, Betsy McLain, Robert Bradford, Sarah Jones, Samuel Vanderpool, Sarah [Box?], Susanna Vanderpool, Sarah (Newport) Claypool, Caty Bolinger, Willis Grey, Sarah Bolinger, John Ausmus, Stephen Box, Peter Ausmus, Polley Box, Jesse Cain, Jesse Tate, John Cloud, Rachel Hambleton, David Cain, Anna Peaveley [Pabley?], Elijah Pabley, Hanna LeMarr, Barnabas Capps, Mariah Cary, George [Stinson?], Wm. Cary, John Car[r], Hannah Cary, [ ] Carr, John Sharp, Elizabeth James, Winney Sharp, Ezra Pabley, Katy Hunter, Pharaba (Mrs. John) Newport, David Weaver, Barbara Hunter, Elizabeth Vanderpool, Hannah Cary, Fredrich Bolinger, Betsey Bolinger, James Griffith, Sally Smith, Patty Tate, Lucy Williams, James Munkus, James Vanbibber, Olivey Moss, and John [Crowley?].



Minutes show that Big Spring Church was organized on July 13, 1800, at the Big Spring Meeting House. The members that organized the regular church were: Jessie Dodson, Moderator; John Cunningham, Joseph Cogdale, Richard Harper, Isaac Lane, Thomas Jeffers, Joseph Clark, William Strand, Peter Neal, Sarah Lane, Lucy Chissum, Nancy Cunningham, Dianah Clark, Nancy Harper, Sarah Hinney, Martha Jeffers, Ritt Dodson, Elizabeth Jennings, Tharby Neal, Sarah Lines and Hannah Neal.

The minutes also show that "this Church House was erected in North Carolina before Tennessee was admitted to the Union in 1796, built by Tidence Lane and Drew Harrell." The land on which this church was erected was donated by Isaac Lane. Isaac and Tidence Lane were sons of John Fuller Lane and Elizabeth Cloud, and nephews of Elder Tidence Lane, a native of Maryland, who is recognized as the first pastor who preached to an organized congregation in Tennessee.

On January the 2nd Satturday 1802 Church met and after worship proceeded to business. 1st Agreed to call brethren William Jones and Richard Newport to install Bro. Jesse Dodson pastor."




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