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Coal Creek Church was first organized in about 1859 or 1860, by Elders Achilles Coffey and Chester C. Taylor, in Humboldt. The meetings of this church were moved to a school about two miles west of Iola in about 1866. For many years thereafter the church met in school buildings. In 1916 a building was purchased at 517 North Street, north of the Courthouse, in Iola. In about 1955 the church sold this building and purchased a building at 719 E. Spruce, in Iola. Some of the pastors who served the church were Elders Rice Harris, William J. Preston, John I. Preston, J. Marion Preston, W. F. McCormick, M. M. Shumate, Emerson McAfee, and Brother Herbert Vogan.

Coal Creek Church was a long-time member of the Turkey Creek Association of Kansas.


Andrews, Beeman, Bryant, Chatman, Dawson, Harris, Jenson, Job, Laws, McFann, Moore, Nicholas, Nobles, Nowels, Preston, Reavis, Riggs, Roberts, Sanders, Shelton, White, Williams (incomplete list due to loss of records).

ADDITIONAL REFERENCE MATERIAL: Photographs of the church building have been preserved, and some minutes of the Association. The actual records of the church have not been located.

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