Articles Denying the false doctrines of Eternal Vital Union and Two Seeds in the Flesh

The articles below, and others, are available from us by inquiring.

Salvation by Grace, by Elder Walter Cash, published in the Messenger of Peace. Elder Cash's autobiography gives some history of this heresy, and of one of its advocate, Elder Cloud, in Missouri.

A denial of Eternal Vital Union, by Elder Allen McDaniel, in the Primitive Monitor.

Unconditional Election, stated and defined, or a denial of Eternal Vital Union and Two Seeds in the Flesh, by Elder Lemuel Potter.

Elder John M. Watson, in The Old Baptist Test, published, in 1865, a masterly Refutation of the Manichaeo-Parkerite Heresy.

And Elder George Y . Stipp , of Henning, Ill., published in 1879 an able Refutation of the Doctrine called ' Two Seeds '

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