Obituary of Angeline Crabill

DEPARTED this life near two o'clock p.m., January 7, 1880, near LaHarpe, Hancock Co., Ill., Mrs. Angeline Crabill, consort of Mr. B. S. Crabill, aged sixty-six years, six months and twenty-three days.

Mrs. Crabill was a Steinbarger, and was born in Champaign County, Ohio, June 15, 1813, and was united in marriage with Mr. Crabill, in that state, Dec. 18, 1836, and in about 1847 professed a hope in Christ, and joined the Nettle Creek Church of Regular Baptists. In 1849 they came to Hancock Co., Ill., and she became a member of the Bethany Church, and continued in the strongest bonds of her fellowship till her decease. It has been my privilege to be intimately acquainted with this dear sister for about twenty-three years, having attended her church during that length of time, and her house has been a home for me and others of the Lord's children as regularly as her monthly meetings occurred, and she seemed never to tire in waiting on her brethren, sisters and friends, and she and her excellent husband were always ready to open the doors of their commodious dwelling for the wayfaring people of God. She has often remarked, in tears, that she felt like she never could do enough for her dear brethren and sisters who called on her. Among the many precious sisters of my acquaintance, I feel fully justified in placing the name of this dear departed one very high on the roll of estimable women. As a faithful wife, an affectionate mother, a true friend, a tender nurse, a kind neighbor and devoted christian woman, I have known but few more deserving of the highest respect and sincerest love; and the remark was made by many at her funeral, that her place in the church and in the community would be hard to fill by one of equal virtues. But the Lord is righteous, and he has taken her to himself, and we must not murmur. She suffered wonderfully about three weeks with disease of the heart, but her hope was unshaken to the last in her Redeemer. On the 9th instant a large congregation of brethren, relatives and friends convened at the residence, and I addressed them from Rev. xiv. 13, after which her remains were laid to rest in the LaHarpe cemetery, by the side of her dear Lizzie, who died last March, to sleep in Jesus till the resurrection. She left a worthy and devoted husband, five sons and one daughter, with numerous relatives and friends, to feel their sad loss, who have the profound sympathy of the community. Affectionately,

Macomb, Ill., Jan. 12, 1880.

Signs of the Times, 1880, page 48.

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