Old Photographs of the Old Brick Cemetery

This photo by Olen Smith appears in a book of historic sites in Hancock county, and shows the condition of the cemetery after it had been restored in the late 1950's, not long before it was deeded to Carthage Township.

Photograph showing the condition of the cemetery in 1998. Restoration work began in 2004.
These photos (one above, and several below) taken in 1998, show the deplorable condition, and gross neglect of the cemetery at that time.

Another view showing the deplorable condition of the cemetery in 1998. Jim Lewis with Jane Mapes stone found underground
Photo showing the gross mistreatment of the cemetery, most of the stones having been taken down, and run over by a tractor mower. Photo is compliments of Larry and Jane Boston.

Another photo taken by Larry and Jane Boston.

The Restoration Begins - Spring of 2004

Early in 2004 the Carthage Township Cemetery Board granted us permission to begin restoration of the cemetery as volunteers. In September 2008 the Carthage Township Cemetery Board deeded the cemetery back to the Middle Creek Cemetery Association.

With the mowing soon somewhat under control, we began the arduous task of clearing the fence row. The unfenced half acre east of the cemetery's fenced acre, also had to be subdued.

Recent Photos of the Restoration of "Old Brick" Cemetery

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