A Listing of
Primitive Baptist Church Cemeteries in Illinois


We are interested in knowing about any cemeteries owned by the Primitive Baptists as a result of having been owned by one of our churches which has ceased to exist, and the cemetery abandoned without being turned over to any organization for care.

The cemeteries shown here are/were located at the site of Primitive Baptist Churches in Illinois. They may not have ever been owned by the church in some cases. For ease of reference, the list will show the county, and the name of the church and/or cemetery.

Adams County

New Salem Church - Jefferson Cemetery (possible but not definite)
Mill Creek Church - Burton Cemetery (in use and cared for)
New Providence Church - New Providence Cemetery (in use and cared for)
Little Flock Church - Byler Cemetery (Illinois Department of Conservation - savannah grass nature preserve)

Bond County

Mt. Nebo Church - Mt. Nebo Cemetery (in use and cared for)

Bethlehem Church

Brown County

New Salem Church - Orton Cemetery

Cass County

Little Flock Church - Little Shepherd Cemetery (cared for); Pontiac Cemetery (cared for by township, but brush has grown around the perimeter)
Clear Creek Church - Monroe Precinct

Champaign County

Blue Ridge Church -

Christian County

South Fork Church - Ralston Cemetery (abandoned, needs restoration)

Clark County

Concord (Richwoods) Church - Richwoods Cemetery (in use and cared for)

Clay County

Salem Church - Onstott Cemetery (in use and cared for)
Crooked Creek Church - Old Baptist Cemetery (cared for by township but needs restoration work)

Coles County

Embarrass Church - Old Charleston Cemetery
Little Bethel Church - Bethel Cemetery
Little Bethel Church #2 - in Mattoon
Big Spring Church -
Pleasant Grove Church -
Zoar Church - Zoar Cemetery

Crawford County
Canaan Church - Tobey Cemetery

Cumberland County

Old Concord Church - Concord Cemetery (in use and cared for)

DeWitt County

New Providence Church - New Providence Cemetery (cared for)

Edgar County

Providence Church - Shields Cemetery (in use and cared for)(partly in Edgar County, partly in Coles County)(probably never owned by the church)

Old Baptist Cemetery -

North Arm Church -

Edwards County

Bon-Pas Church -
Birk's Prairie Church - Elder Cemetery (cared for)

Effingham County

Mt. Pleasant Church -

Fayette County

Liberty Church - Liberty Cemetery (cared for)

Franklin County

Middle Fork Church - Middle Fork Cemetery (in use and cared for)
Salem Church - Neal Cemetery
East Fork Church -

Fulton County

Bethel Church -
Salem Church - Salem "Cholera" and Salem "Willcoxen" (cared for)
New Providence Church - Little Sixteen Cemetery (in use and cared for)
Little Flock Church - Temple Cemetery (in use and cared for)
Mt. Zion Church - Mt. Zion Cemetery (in use and cared for)
Fountain Church - Red Schoolhouse Cemetery

Gallatin County

Island Ripple Church - Smyth Cemetery

Greene County

Middle Fork Church - Sheppard Cemetery (abandoned, not cared for)
Union Church - Taylor Cemetery (possible site)

Hamilton County

North Fork Church - owned and cared for privately
Rector Church - Rector Cemetery (cared for)
New Hope Church - Springer Cemetery (cared for)
Little Spring Church - Little Spring Cemetery (cared for)

Hancock County

Middle Creek Church - Old Brick Cemetery (owned and cared for by the Middle Creek Cemetery Association, funded by private donations)
Providence Church - Providence Cemetery (deeded in 1942 by Lena Burner to the Brumback Cemetery Association, and then by the Brumback Cemetery Association to St. Marys Township for care)
Bethel Church - Bethel Cemetery (cared for by Bear Creek township)
New Harmony Church - Walker Cemetery (cared for by Walker township but brush has grown all around the perimeter)

Jasper County

Hickory Creek Church - Brockville Cemetery (cared for)

Jefferson County

Union Church - Old Baptist Cemetery (cared for)
Sugar Camp Creek Church - Sugar Camp Cemetery (Lowry Hill Cemetery, and also an earlier site where the Primitive Baptists met for many years)(cared for)

Johnson County

Rock Springs Church - Rock Springs Cemetery (cared for)(two separate locations, one is abandoned)
Little Flock Church - Rushing Cemetery

Knox County

Henderson Church - Robertson (Old Baptist) Cemetery (cared for)
Cherry Grove Church - Cherry Grove Cemetery (cared for)

Lawrence County

Little Village Church - Little Village Cemetery
Glady Fork of Embarrass River Church -

Macoupin County

Hopewell Church - Hilyard Cemetery
Concord Church - Ross/Richie Cemetery; Weller Cemetery
Mount Olive Church - Wayne Cemetery

Madison County

Canteen Creek Church - First cemetery site may be destroyed; second cemetery site, Canteen Creek/Wood Cemetery (may have been called Daniel Reece Cemetery) is in terrible condition.
Wood River Church - Vaughn Cemetery (restored)

Marion County

Summit Prairie Church - Summit Prairie Cemetery (cared for)
Pleasant Grove Church - Pleasant Grove (aka Branch/Farthing) Cemetery (mowed privately)

McDonough County

Union Church - Union Cemetery (Old Baptist)(needs restoration; difficult access, and stones are partly on a ravine)

Montgomery County

Hurricane Church - Hurricane Cemetery (mowed by private individuals, but still belongs to the church)
Clear Springs Church - Clear Springs Cemetery (cared for)
Little Flock Church - Cedar Ridge Cemetery (cared for)

Morgan County

Union Church - Yatesville Cemetery (never owned by the church)
South Fork of Mauvaisterre Church - Sulphur Springs Cemetery (cared for)
Head of Apple Creek Church - Conlee Cemetery
New Salem Church - Beagle Cemetery

Zion Church - Sheppard Cemetery

Moultrie County

Lynn Creek Church - Old Lynn Creek; Lynn Creek
Mt. Zion Church -

Perry County

Nine Mile Church - Nine Mile Cemetery (cared for)

Pope County

Grand Pier Church - Grand Pier Cemetery (cared for)

Putnam County

Sandy Creek Church - Caledonia Cemetery (cared for)

Randolph County

Horse Prairie Church - Ralls Cemetery (needs restoration - but no deed has been found - it is in a farm field, and may be a family cemetery. We're not sure yet where the church met.)

Richland County

Union Church - Union Cemetery (abandoned, needs restoration)

St. Clair County

Richland Creek Church - John Messenger Cemetery (owned by St. Clair Historical Society)(cared for)

Saline County

Bethel's Creek Church - Bethel's Creek Cemetery (cared for)
Middle Fork Church - Middle Fork Cemetery
Wolf Creek Church - Wolf Creek Cemetery (Eldorado city cemetery)
Brushy Fork Church - Brushy Cemetery (cared for)
Cottage Grove Church -

Sangamon County

Richland Church - Richland Baptist Cemetery (old part)
Salem Sugar Creek Church - Philemon Stout Cemetery (cared for)
Horse Creek Church - Pawnee city cemetery
Liberty Church - Sulphur Springs Cemetery

Fancy Point Church - Union (Twist) Cemetery

Schuyler County

Crooked Creek Church - Naught Cemetery
New Bethany Church -

Shelby County

Okaw Church - Jordan Cemetery
Hopewell Church - Point Lookout Cemetery?
Union Church - Tolly Cemetery

Stephenson County

Providence Church - Providence (Howardsville) Cemetery (there is a small cemetery behind the church; part of the graves, but not all, were moved to Lena Burial Park in Lena by 1959 or earlier)

Union County

Lick Creek Church - Lick Creek Cemetery (needs restoration)

Vermilion County

Stony Creek Church - Pleasant Grove Cemetery?

Wayne County

Providence Church - Providence (Travers) Cemetery

White County

Little Wabash Church - Little Wabash Cemetery (township care)
Lick Creek Church - Old Prairie Cemetery (township care)
Mt. Sterling (Carmi) Church - Saunders Cemetery (township care)
Mt. Pleasant Church - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (township care)
Little Zion Church - Little Zion Cemetery (township care)

Williamson County

Bethlehem Church - Bethlehem Cemetery (needs restoration)

Abandoned cemeteries (or church properties) which are probably still owned by the Primitive Baptists, since they were never turned over to any other organization for care (from the above list):

Union (McDonough county)
Conlee (Head of Apple Creek) (Morgan county)
Hurricane Church/Whitten Cemetery (Montgomery County)
Bethlehem (Williamson county)
Lick Creek (Union county)
Union (Richland county)
South Fork (Ralston)(Christian county)

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