ROW #1 (West Fence line)
Stone #1
An unengraved tombstone and rock (found very near the northwest corner post).
Stone #2 (stone and base - both broken - found in the fence line. Original base and stone have both been repaired. Stone now mortared into its base.)
WEAVER, Benjamin F. (A2) - b. 1847, d. July 25, 1869, age 22 years, 5 mos., 11 days. (He drowned in the creek just west of the cemetery.)
Rocks - other rocks in the fence row also mark graves outside the fence line.
ROW #2 (4' from West fence line)(Row is full but no stones found)
"A" - A family lot marker with an "A" on the top edge, set in cement, was found in the north fence line, apparently having been moved there from its original location. Measures 8 5/16" x 2".
ROW #3 (14' from West Fence line)(Row is full)
Stone #1 (The original base has been reset on a cement platform. Secondary base and stone were intact, and are now in place.)
DAVID, Jesse M. (C6) - 21' from W. fence row. 30' 8" from N. fence row. d. July 26, 1877. Aged 46 years, 4 months, 22 days. (Jesse M. David was a son of William D. and Louisa David. Thomas C. Lewis's father Aaron Lewis married Elizabeth David, oldest sister of Jesse M. David. Jesse's brother Seth David married Mary Malissa "Lily" Boston, sister of Martha Jane Boston. Thomas C. Lewis married Martha Jane Boston.)
Stone #2 (New cement base made. Stones, possibly footstones, with intials "J. B.", and "X" found in the west fence line moved here.)
ROW #4 (24' from West Fence line)(Row is full)
Stone #1 (New base made and granite stone set on top with stack mix.)
"MOTHER" (D2)(not determined who is meant)
Stone #2 (New base made and granite stone set on top with stack mix.)
LANGLEY, William Booz (D3) - 30' from west fence line. 14' from N. fence row. b. 1873 in Hancock Co., IL. d. Sep. 10, 1888, Hancock Co., IL. (s/o Isaac Langley & Emma Munson). Death certificate, p. 171, died of Bright's Kidney Disease, at age 15.
Stone #3 (Stone has now been set back on its base, but needs more work to level it.)
LANGLEY, Emmaretta Jane Munson (D4) - 30' from west fence line. 20' from north fence line. b. Aug. 5, 1856; d. Aug. 8, 1927, bur. Aug. 9, 1927. w/o Isaac Langley, w/o James W. Parker. Daughter of Darius C. Munson and Lucretia Daugherty.
LANGLEY, Isaac (D5)- 30' from west fence. 20' from north fence. b. 1842. d. May 3, 1896. (Son of Joseph and Susan Carter Langley; h/o Angeline Leonard married in 1861; h/o Emma Jane Munson married in April 1872).
ROW #5 (34' from West Fence)
Stone #1 (stone has been repaired.)
LEWIS, Martha Jane Boston (E3) - b. Nov. 22, 1853; d. Dec. 10, 1882. (w/o Thomas C. Lewis)(d/o Reuben J. Boston & Sarah Jane Dale) "She's gone. She left this world of woe. For regions of eternal love. T'was God who called her from below, To join in praising Him above." Footstone found for Martha Jane Boston Lewis.
Stone #2 (Stone has been repaired.)
MUNSON, Abigail Whittaker - (E4). Born Mar. 1, 1800; d. Dec. 22, 1871 (w/o Jerry Y. Munson) (mother of John E. Munson and Darius C. Munson buried nearby.)
Stone #3
"O" - A family lot marker with an "O" on the top edge, set in cement, but later broken off at ground level. Probably not at its correct original location. Measures 9" by 2 3/4".
Stone #4
"I" - A marker or stone with an "I" on the top edge, set in cement, but later broken off at ground level. Probably not at its correct original location. Measures: 8 3/8" x 2"
Stone #5 (This Civil War veteran stone has now been reset in a new cement base)
MUNSON, Darius C. (E9) (Born 1829, in Canada; died, August 19, 1905, in Hancock County, on their 50th wedding anniversary) - Co. G. 7th Illinois Infantry, CIVIL WAR Military Marker. (h/o Lucretia Munson). 42' from west fence. 39' from N. Fence. (Son of Jerry and Abigail Whittaker Munson. Darius Munson was wounded in the Civil War.)
Stone #6 (base needs to be leveled and cleaned before stone is reset)
MUNSON, Lucretia Ann Daugherty (E10) - 42' from W. fence. 45' from N. fence. b. 1839. d. December 25, 1921, age 82 yrs, 1 mo., 19 days. w/o Darius Munson.
Stone #7
AUSTIN, Franklin S. (E20) - d. Jan. 15, 1879, aged 7 yrs (s/o C. Austin) 41' from south fence; 42' from west fence. Died of diptheria at his grandfather's house, at age 8, death certificate book, p. 22.
ROW #6 (44' from West Fence)
Stone #1
UNKNOWN, (F4), base found with bottom of a white stone still in the recess part of the base. Stone measures 5 1/8" wide, 2 1/8" thick. Another stone, gray-colored, the same width and thickness as "Infant Dau. Munson", was found underground, standing upright, with its south corner up against the north corner of the above base.
Stone #2 (Cement base repaired with mortar mix.)
MUNSON, Lucinda Langley (F5) - 52' from W. fence. 20' from N. fence. b. Apr. 15, 1833 Hancock Co., IL; d. Feb. 17, 1907. Fountain Green Twp., Hancock Co., IL. (d/o Isaac Langley) (w/o John E. Munson)
MUNSON, John E. (F6) - 52' from W. fence. 20' from north fence. b. 1832 Canada. d. Mar. 3, 1901. (h/o Lucinda Langley). Bur. Mar. 5, 1901. (Stone faces west.)
Stone #3 ("Infant Dau. Munson")
MUNSON, Johnie. It appears that "Johnie" was an infant daughter, who died in about 1871. (d/o of John E. & Lucinda Langley Munson.)
Stone #4
MUNSON, John Jr. - b. 1866 Hancock Co., IL. d. Sep. 27, 1878, Hancock Co., IL (s/o John Munson & Lucinda Langley. Died at age 12 of diabetes mellitis. (Son of John E. & Lucinda Langley Munson.)
Stone #5 (51' from W. fence. 35' from N. fence.)
UNKNOWN (F8)- bottom part of stone found underground. Top part not found yet. New cement base made for it, but not yet installed.
ROW #7 (54' from West Fence)
Stone #1 (New stone purchased in 2007, installed in 2008)
MUNSON, Marion A. (G7) - b. Oct. 26, 1872, died Dec. 4, 1938 (Marion "Doc" Munson did much to care for the cemetery, incorporated the cemetery association, built the bridge over the creek, etc.)
ROW #8 (64' from West Fence)
Stone #1 (This stone has been repaired)
GRIDLEY, Roxanna Esterbrook (H8) - 41' from N. fence. d. Oct. 7, 1867. age 41 years 7 mo. 18 da. (w/o Timothy Gridley)
BARNUM, Jessie (H9) - Infant of Edwin & Celestia M. Gridley Barnum. (grandson of Timothy and Roxanna Gridley). d. May 1870. 85' from W. fence. 41' from N. fence (same stone as Roxanna Gridley and Horrace Gridley). "Thou hast gone to a mansion of rest. From a region of sorrow and pain. To the glorious home of the blest. Where thou never can weep again."
GRIDLEY, Horrace (H10) - 41' from N. fence. b. Apr. 17, 1853; d. June 23, 1870, age 17 yrs, 2 mo. 6 days. (Son of Timothy and Roxanna Gridley)
ROW #9 (83' from West Fence)
NOTE: Two metal temporary markers were found in the north fence row, marking two graves (also marked with rocks) outside the fence; this may indicate burials more recent than 1938. More than a dozen other rocks in north fence row also mark graves outside the fence.
Stone #1 (remortared the cement base under the granite stone)
CANNON, Mary (I6) - same stone as Richard Cannon. d. Sep. 17, 1880, aged 75 years (2nd w/o Richard Cannon) (stone faces west.)
CANNON, Richard (I7) - 29' from N. fence. 85' from W. fence. d. June 27, 1871, age 72 yrs (h/o Mary Cannon) (stone faces west.)
Rock - (I_), evidently marking a grave or may have been used to level a base.
Stone #2 (Bottom part of this stone was cemented into a base at the Moss Ridge Cemetery, and the stone was later broken off by vandals. The base and broken bottom part of the stone need to be moved to the Old Brick Cemetery.)
CRAVENS, William J. (I_), __' from south fence. b. Nov. 16, 1836. d. July 17, 1847. Son of Joseph and Mary Cravens. Found footstone. Stone measured (9 3/4" by 1 7/8"). (This is a tablet tombstone, and the original base, if any, has not been found.)
Stone #3 (Stone has now been mortared onto its secondary base.)
CRAVENS, George W. (I_), __' from south fence. b. Feb. 24, 1834 in Pennsylvania; d. May 22, 1882, in St. Marys Twp., Hancock Co, IL. (s/o Joseph and Mary Cravens). Died of Bright's disease. Left a wife and three children. Footstone found. "I will not forget thee, the past and the future, Are blended together by love's dearest ties. Not a link in the chain but I'll cherish and more, Till my spirit freed meets Thee, when this body dies."
Stone #4 (Stone has been mortared to its secondary base.)
CRAVENS, Charles E. - (I_), __' from south fence. b. Feb. 4, 1867; d. Sep. 28, 1875, age 8 yrs, 7 mos, 24 days (s/o Joseph & Sophia Margaret Myers Cravens, and grandson of Joseph and Mary Cravens). (Killed by accidental discharge of a rifle.) "This lovely bud so young and fair, Called home by early doom, Just came to show how sweet a flower, In paradise might bloom."
ROW #10 (94' from West Fence)
Base with missing stone (J6). Base is broken.
Stone #1 (This stone has now been repaired and reset.)
WARDWELL, Hannah C. Wilson (J10) - 96' from W. fence. 43' from N. fence. d. June 15, 1867, age 79 years (w/o Austin Wardwell).
Stone #2 (This stone has been reset.)
CRAVENS, Mary J. Brown - (J_), __' from south fence. b. July 19, 1806; d. May 12, 1892 (w/o Joseph Cravens - same tombstone as her husband, Joseph Cravens, but her name is on the opposite side of the stone).
CRAVENS, Joseph E. - (J_), __' from south fence. b. about 1807, d. Aug. 15, 1871, age 64 yrs (h/o Mary Cravens). "He rests beyond the skies. His trials here are o'er."
Stone #3 (This stone has been reset.)
BERRY, William W. - (J_), 25' from S. fence. b. July 4, 1850; d. Sep. 28, 1878, age 28 yrs, 2 mos, 24 days (stone had been moved - we are not sure where it really should be). Death certificate book, p. 16, says he died of typho malarial fever. "Dear Father. Thou art gone but not forgotten." (Wiliiam W. Berry was a son of Reese and Polly Berry. He married Mary Ann Hamilton, daughter of Daniel Hamilton and his wife Nancy.)
ROW #11 (K)(no stones)(105' from West Fence)
ROW #12 (116' from West Fence)
Stone #1 (This stone has been reset in a new cement base. The old base is broken.)
HAMILTON, Daniel (L23) - 39' from S. Fence. b. Mar. 3, 1829; d. Nov. 12, 1860, age 31 yrs, 8 mo., 9 days. "Dearest husband, thou hast left us, Now thy loss we deeply feel. But 'tis God that hath bereft us. He can all our sorrow heal." (Engraved on stone: "My Husband. Our Father.")
Stone #2 (This stone has now been repaired and reset.)
CRAVENS, Elizabeth - (L__), __' from south fence. d. Dec. 10, 1871 (w/o Isaac M. Cravens, a s/o Joseph & Mary). Age: 25 years, __ mo's, 2 days. Found footstone. (could not read the epitaph poetry on the bottom of the stone.)
ROW #13 (125' from West Fence)
Stone #1 (This stone has now been repaired.)
WYATT, S. Annabell (M11) - 48' from N. fence. 85' from S. fence. d. Oct. 20, 1865, age 17 yrs, 11 mo. (d/o Coleman Wyatt & Elizabeth Kimbrough). "She was lovely, she was fair. For awhile she was given, Until an angel came down, And called her home to heaven." (Her full name was Salvona Annabell Wyatt.)
Stone #2 (Stone has now been reset and cleaned.)
WYATT, Elizabeth Kimbrough (M12) - same stone as Coleman Wyatt. b. Mar. 23, 1808; d. May 14, 1892. w/o Coleman Wyatt. (Probably d/o James and Margaret Kimbrough.)
Stone #2 (Stone has now been reset and cleaned.)
WYATT, Coleman (M13) - d. Dec. 9, 1888, age 72 - 54' from north fence. 79' from S. fence. "A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled."
Rocks - marking grave north of Stone #3.
Stone #3 (Stone has now been reset on its bases.)
PRINTY, Margret M. Kimbrough (M20) - 50' from S. fence. b. July 28, 1845. d. Mar. 30, 1875. Age 29 years 8 mo. 2 days. First wife of Henry Harrison Printy. Daughter of Thomas J. and Minerva Boston Kimbrough. "There is rest in heaven." (Secondary base has poetry, as follows: "A light from our household is gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our hearts, That never can be filled."
ROW #14 (N)(row without any stones)(134' from West Fence)
ROW #15 (143' from West Fence)
Rock - (O_), evidently marking a grave.
Stone #1 (This stone grouping has now been repaired and reset.)
TOLMAN, Mary J. (O28) - 14 ' from S. fence. b. June 13, 1840; d. Sep. 24, 1841 (d/o O. & E Tolman)
TOLMAN, Susan L. (O29) - 14 1/2' from S. fence. b. May 15, 1835; d. Sep. 22, 1841 (d/o O. & E Tolman)
TOLMAN, Elizabeth Lowman (O30) - 14 ' from S. fence. 145' from W. fence. d. Nov. 27, 1875, age 62 yrs, 11 mo., 16 days (w/o Osse Tolman)(mother of Mary and Susan Tolman) (Survived by her husband Osse and eleven children)
ROW #16 (152' from West Fence)
Stone #1 (Stone has now been mortared back into its original base.)
POWELL, Eddie (P15) - 69' from S. Fence. Son of John C. Powell & Louisa Elizabeth Bryant Powell. Died Sep. 7, 1864. Age 1 year, 6 mos., 26 days. (poetry has not been deciphered - nearly illegible).
ROW #17 (161' from West Fence)
Stone #1 (Stone has been mortared back into its original base.)
SHAW, William W. (Q14) - 71' from S. Fence. Died Feb. 10, 1866, age 2 years, 7 days. Son of S & M Shaw. (Engraver - J. L. Wilson, Carthage)
Stone #2 (Stone has been mortared back into its original base.)
JONES, Purley (Q15) - 68' from S. Fence. Son of J. & E. Jones. (This is probably James Jones Jr. and his wife Elizabeth.) Died September 2, 1862. Age 5 years, 8 months, 3 days. "Purley is gone but not forgotten."
ROW #18 (R)(row with no stones)(170' from West Fence)
ROW #19 (S)(179' from West Fence)
Stone #1 (Base not found to match. Correct location of this stone is not known.)
CAUTHORN, Emma C. (S11) - 52' from N. fence. d. Sep. 14, 1854, aged 19 mos. (d/o Isaac Newton Cauthorn & Margaret Minerva Owen)
Stone #2 (Stone is now reset and mortared on its original base and secondary base)
DAVIS, Frances Ann Kimbrough (S17) - 56' from S. fence. b. May 1, 1837; d. Jan. 3, 1866, age 28 yrs, 8 mo, 22 days (w/o Andrew Jackson Davis, b. Aug. 15, 1835 in Shelby Co., Ill.)(d/o William and Martha Cauthorn Kimbrough.
Stone #3 (Base has not been found. Correct location for this stone is not known.)
RILEY, John L. (S20) - 52' from S. fence. d. Mar. 7, 1868, age 14 days (s/o E. Johnston & Ruth Riley) (uncle of Noyes "Doc" Lewis). "A bud, plucked by God, to bloom in heaven."
ROW #20 (188' from West Fence)
Stone #1 (Footstones have initials L. W., A. W., and Z. W.)
ALTON, Lorinda Ward (T4) - same stone as Zabadiah & Arzilla Ward. Stone says b. Apr. 1, 1851. d. Aug 14, 1893 (obituary dated 1892 says her death was July 25, 1892, at age 41 years, 4 mos and 28 days.) (d/o Zabadiah Ward & Arzilla Wright) w/o Warren Benton Alton.
WARD, Arzilla Wright (T5) - 22' from N. fence. b. Sep. 24, 1822 Smith Co., TN; d. Jan. 29, 1908 Hancock Co., IL (w/o Zabadiah Ward)
WARD, Zabadiah (T6) - born Mar. 20, 1816 NY; d. Feb. 26, 1895, Hancock Co. IL
ROW #21 (197' from West Fence)
No stones
Rock - (U_), evidently marking a grave.
Found a base with stone missing, none found so far that will fit it.
ROW #22 (206' from West Fence)
Stone #1 (Stone has been repaired and reset.)
MAPES, Jane Simpson (V3) - 18 ' from N. fence (grandmother of Clara Jane Mapes); b. June 17, 1822; d. July 12, 1880 (w/o Joseph Mapes). "As a wife, devoted; as a mother, affectionate; as a friend, ever kind and true."
Stone #2
KIMBROUGH, Emma Louella (V4) - (name on east side of same stone) b. Oct. 14, 1862; d. Jan. 2, 1874; age 11 yrs, 2 mo., 19 days (d/o Thomas Kimbrough & Minerva Boston). Died of Typhoid Fever.
KIMBROUGH, Minerva A. Boston (V5) - (her name should be on the west side of stone) d. Jan. 14, 1874, age 49 yrs, 6 days (w/o Thomas J. Kimbrough)(d/o George Boston and Mahala Sutherland)(grandmother of Clara Jane Mapes). Died of Typhoid Fever.
KIMBROUGH, George W. (V6) - 22' from N. fence. B. Nov. 30, 1851; d. Jan. 12, 1874, age 22 yrs, 1 mo, 12 days (s/o Thomas Kimbrough and Minerva Boston) (name on east side of stone). Died of Typhoid Fever.
(NOTE: Stone #2 for Minerva Kimbrough, and her children George and Emma Kimbrough, was put back in the wrong place when it was repaired several years ago. Minerva's name should be on the west side. The tall white stone is presently setting on W4, the next grave space south of Asa Kimbrough's grave, but it should be in the next row west, probably on grave space V5. However, we are not sure which grave spaces Minerva, George, and Emma are buried in.)
Stone #3 (Stone has now been reset in a new base. Old base found.)
MAPES, Clara Jane (V7) - d. Nov. 10, 1877, age 3 yrs, 3 mos, 6 days (d/o Henry Mapes and Narcissa Ann Kimbrough). "This bud to bloom in heaven." (engraver: G. W. Rose, Sonora, Ill.)(Footstone found with initials C. J. M., which proves the location of her grave. Part of the original base was found but it was not useable. The original marble base also found at the head of the same grave space.)
Stone #4
KIMBROUGH, Infant (V8) - Stone is marked "I" - An infant child of Thomas J. and Minerva Boston Kimbrough. (Correct location unknown.)
Stone #5
KIMBROUGH, Infant (V9)- Stone marked "I. K." - first initial for this stone is damaged. Infant child of Thomas J. and Minerva Boston Kimbrough. (Correct location unknown.)
Stone #6
KIMBROUGH, Infant (V10) - unmarked stone. Child of Thomas J. & Minerva Boston Kimbrough. (Correct location unknown.)
Stone #7
KIMBROUGH, Infant (V11)- unmarked stone. Child of Thomas J. & Minerva Boston Kimbrough. (Correct location unknown.)
Stone #8 (Stone has been mortared into a new base.)
LANE, Infant [Gertrude] (V17) - 66' from N. fence. d. June 24, 1862. Infant dau. of Thomas J. Lane and Mary Eliza Jones. "O! Rose of May! O' Flower, too soon faded." Top part of stone was broken off but has now been repaired with epoxy. Bottom part of the stone (possibly broken off of its base) has not been located.
Stone #9 (Stone now set on a new base.)
THURBER, John Warren. (V18) - 64' from N. fence. d. Sep. 25, 1871, age 19 yrs, 5 mo, 14 days (s/o William T. and Keziah Jane Langley Thurber).
Stone #10 (Stone has been repaired and reset in a new cement base.)
THURBER, William Thomas. (V19) - 62' from N. fence. d. Aug. 7, 1866, age 39 yrs, 2 mo, 15 days. (Engraver: - ____, Macomb). (His wife, Keziah Thurber, is buried in Missouri.)
Stone #11 (Stone has been repaired and reset in a new cement base.)
THURBER, Martin (V20) - 80' from S. fence. b. Apr. 30, 1817; d. Apr. 4, 1864, age 46 yrs, 11 mo. 4 days. (Stone says "My Husband" at top - his wife, Mary A. Goodell (1823-1891) is buried at Fairfield, Iowa. Stone was broken, but three parts have been found and have been be repaired with Mastico epoxy.)(Engraver: M. Dolan.)
Stone #12 (War of 1812 Stone was set in cement.)
THURBER, James (Sr.) (V21) - 47' from S. fence. 88' from N. Fence. b. Dec. 25, 1791 NJ; d. Nov. 23, 1877 Hancock Co., IL, bur. Dec. 9, 1877. WAR OF 1812 MARKER. Hull's Div. NY. (h/o Elizabeth Johnson, 1791-1847).
ROW #23 (215' from West Fence)
Stone #1
GRAY (NEE KIMBROUGH), Bertrice Alice ("Daughter" of Asa)(W2) - (b. March 3, 1911, d. November 25, 2009, aged 98 years, 8 months, and 22 days, in California. Buried December 17, 2009.) - 12 1/2' from N. fence. ("Bertrice" stone at foot of grave)(d/o Asa M. Kimbrough and Alice Womack)
Stone #2
KIMBROUGH, Asa M. (W3) - 17 1/2' from N. fence. b. Mar 9, 1860; d. June 26, 1922 (s/o Thomas J. Kimbrough and Minerva A. Boston). (h/o Alice Womack) ("Asa" stone at foot of grave). Wife is buried elsewhere.

ROW #24 (X)(row without stones)(224' from West Fence)
ROW #25 (Y)(row without stones)(233' from West Fence)
BERRY, John C. - A new stone was installed in October 2008. The true location of his grave is unknown. b. Nov. 24, 1856, d. April 21, 1931, aged 74 yrs 5 mo 27 days. Son of Reese and Polly Berry.
ROW #26 (Z)(row without stones)(242' from West Fence)
ROW #27 (AA)(row without stones)(251' from West Fence)
ROW #28 (BB)(row without stones)(260' from West Fence)
ROW #29 (CC)(row without stones)(269' from West Fence)
ROW #30 (DD)(row without stones)(278' from West Fence)
ROW #31 (EE)(row without stones)(287' from West Fence)
ROW #32 (FF)(row without stones)(296' from West Fence)
ROW #33 (GG)(row without stones)(305' from West Fence)

Rock - evidently marking a grave, near south fence (near mailbox)
ROW #34 (HH)(row without stones)(314' from West Fence)
Rock in south fence row marks two graves outside the fence. Other rocks in south fence row also mark graves outside the fence.
ROW #35 (II)(row without stones)(323' from West Fence)

The remains of the foundation and the two fireplaces of the Old Brick Church are located (underground) in the center of Rows 29-35. It appears that there may have been a small brick building (perhaps for storage of wood or supplies for horses) a few feet north of the church.


Several (possibly as many as a hundred or more) graves without tombstones have been discovered OUTSIDE the existing fence. Some of these are on at least three sides (north, south, and west) of the cemetery. The Cemetery owns 7/10ths of an acre of land, east of the east fence, which is not fenced and apparently never has been enclosed. The east boundary of the cemetery's property is the township road which once went due north on the section line between Sec. 35 and 36 of Carthage township. The full cemetery boundary is 132 feet wide and 562.32 feet long (132' by 330' is one acre).


PRESTON, Tamer - stone moved to Harmony Cemetery. Located on Lot 102 owned by A. C. Johnston. She was born December 20, 1792, died November 22, 1875. Widow of Isaac Preston, who died in Virginia. Mother of eleven children. Very probable that her son Thomas M. Preston was buried at Old Brick Cemetery (stone how at Harmony Cemetery), and possibly others of the eleven children.
BRYANT, Lucretia Wright - stone not found. Born between 1820-1825. Died Sep. 9, 1878 (cholera morbus).
BRYANT, Peter - stone not found. Born 1821. Died before Dec. 13, 1864 (h/o Lucretia).
BRYANT, Josiah (Joseph) - a stone - might be a footstone - hand engraved with initials J. B. has been found in the west fence row. He was born about 1843, and died Dec. 8, 1891.
THOMPSON, Robert M. - d. May 26, 1882; (h/o Isabella E. Kimbrough).
THOMPSON, Isabella E. Kimbrough - d. May 23, 1882. (Dau. of Wm. & Martha Kimbrough).
BOSTON, Finetta E. Galloway - approx. date of birth 1854/56; died Oct. 27, 1877. Daughter of George R. and Elizabeth Wilson Galloway. Married Lewis Lunsford Boston in 1872. Her husband remarried and is buried at Harmony cemetery.
RENO, Leslie H., d. at age 14, son and oldest child of W. N. Reno and Leonora Wilson Booz Reno, who were married in 1877. Born about 1878, died about 1892.
DAVIS, Sarah "Aunt Sallie" - date of birth approx. 1813; died August 15 (church records say August 14), 1893. Buried at Brick Church Cemetery, Elder Lewis E. Frazee officiating. She and her husband Winston Lewis Davis were married by Elder Thomas H. Owen in 1840, and she joined Middle Creek Church in October 1841.
KIMBROUGH, William - b. Nov. 15, 1810 in Christian Co., Kentucky; d. Dec. 29, 1868 in Hancock Co. (h/o (1) Martha B. Cauthorn and (2) Rebecca M. Preston)
KIMBROUGH, Martha B. Cauthorn - d. in March 1850. (First w/o William Kimbrough)
PRINTY, Henry Harrison - the son of Jonathan and Rachel (Frazee) Printy.- died July 31, 1909, age 68 (born Aug. 1841).
PRINTY, Caroline "Carrie" White (second w/o Henry Harrison Printy?). Died Aug. 17, 1887, age 28 years (born 1859).
DUAN, (Infant?) (According to 1968 county history there was a stone with this family name, but it has not yet been found.)


WENSEL, Henry - death certificate book, p. 22, of bronchitis, p. 45. D. 1/17/1880, age 8. Elm Tree burial ground.
NORRIS, Sarah F. - death certificate book, p. 49. Died 2/18/1880, age 27 years, 10 mos., 11 days. Middle Creek Cemetery. Died of complications in childbirth.
NORRIS, Male Infant - death certificate book, p. 49, died of asphyxiation in forced birth, died at age 4 hours. p. 49. Died 2/18/1880. Middle Creek Cemetery.
DAVIS, Rosa - death certificate book, p. 71, of pneumonia. D. 1/11/1881, age 13 yrs, 6 mo., 12 days. Brick Church Cemetery.
DAVIS, Lizzie - death certificate book, page 41, of typhoid fever, Nov. 1, 1879, age 22 years.
DAVIS, Mary Francis Thompson - b. 1844; died July 29, 1920. Death certificate.
SYLVER, Milton - death certificate book, page 63, of inflam. bowels, died Jan. 26, 1881, age 1 year, 8 mos., 20 days.
KIMBROUGH, Rebecca Maria Preston - b. Feb. 3, 1825 in Virginia; d. Jan. 14, 1893 in Hancock Co., IL (d/o Isaac and Tamer Preston; 2nd w/o William Kimbrough). Death certificate book, p. 218, heart disease.
MUNSON, James Curtis - death certificate book, p. 173, died Nov. 14, 1888, age 7 yrs, 11 mos. (name of parents unknown.)


Children of Isaac Cauthorn (grandchildren of Elder Thomas H. Owen), probably correct, if they still lived in Illinois at the time.

Elva Owen Cauthorn

Thomas Jefferson Cauthorn

Rosa Lee Cauthorn

BOSTON, George, born 1795-97 in Floyd Co., Ky. (gave land for the cemetery and church). Testimony in the court trial in 1907 by his son James W. Boston is that he died in about 1856-7, without a will.)
BOSTON, Mahala Sutherland, born October 11, 1805, in Franklin Co., Ky. (wife of George Boston)
BRADLEY, Nancy Gray (w/o Elder William Bradley) (died March 1836, before the cemetery is known to have begun, but it appears they were living very close to the site.)
KIMBROUGH - Two other infants or children of Thomas J. and Minerva Boston Kimbrough are probably buried here. Six of their 13 children died before the mother, Minerva.
MUNSON, Jerry - b. April 18, 1800 - d. Feb. 4, 1885; h/o Abigail Whittaker.
BOSTON, William Hickman Sr. - born 27 July 1822, died in 1843.
BOSTON, Emerald C., born Dec. 23, 1823 (in Kentucky). Died before 1840.
BOSTON, Frances M. - born July 20, 1828; died before 1840.
BOSTON, Martha C. - born about 1836, died about 1854.
BOSTON, Squire W. - born Feb. 8, 1845; died about 1854.
THURBER, Elizabeth Johnson - married James Thurber Sr. June 30, 1816; they had eleven children - including Martin (1817), James Jr. (1819), Elizabeth, Lydia [Bloyd](1822), Jeanette, Amanda, William T. (1827), Nathaniel (1829), Mary [Belknap], and Oliver (1836). She born April 28, 1797, and died March 18, 1847.
THURBER, other children of James and Elizabeth Thurber could be buried here.
MAPES, Joseph D. - Born 1820, died 1890, at or near Middle Creek. Husband of Jane Mapes.
CRAVENS, three INFANT SONS of Joseph and Mary. Four other children of Joseph and Mary Cravens besides those who have stones, may also be buried at Old Brick.
WYATT, three other infants or young children of Coleman and Elizabeth Wyatt may be buried here.
DAVIS, other infants and/or young children of Polk Davis and Mary Francis Thompson Davis may be buried here.
CANNON, Sarah Bradley. First wife of Richard Cannon, daughter of Elder William Bradley, could be buried here.
CANNON, other infants and/or small children of Richard Cannon may be buried here.
DALE, Frances "Fanny" Boston, born Nov. 27, 1797, died 1860. Dau. of Reuben Boston Sr. and Sarah Hawkins. Wife of Lewis Lunsford Dale. Sister of George Boston, Sr. (who gave the land to church for the church and cemetery.)
DALE, Lewis Lunsford, b. Jan. 14, 1796, died before 1850. Husband of Fanny Boston Dale. One or more of their children may be buried at Old Brick.
GRIDLEY, Timothy. Born 1813, died in 1877. Probate in Hancock County.
TOLMAN, Osse. Date of death not known yet.
DAVIS, Winston Lewis. Born about 1816 in Tennessee. Husband of Sarah "Sallie" Davis. Died before his wife (she died in August 1893).
LANGLEY, Angeline Leonard. First wife of Isaac Langley. She died in about 1869.
MUNSON, William. Oldest son of John E. and Lucinda Langley Munson. Born 1853.

BOSTON CEMETERY - THURBER FARM In May 2012 we learned from a clipping (the source of which is unknown) that Elizabeth Johnson Thurber, wife of James Thurber, was buried in a pioneer cemetery called the "Boston Cemetery" on the Thurber farm, near the Old Brick Church. The existence of this cemetery was evidently previously unknown. From the obituary of Oliver Thurber, it appears the Thurber family was living on what became the Keyser farm (61 1/2 acres), at the time of Elizabeth Johnson Thurber's death in 1847. The farm is now owned by Little Timber, LLC. The clipping indicates there were as many as a dozen or more pioneer burials in the Boston Cemetery. The deeds should be checked to see if there was a designation for a cemetery on the Thurber farm.

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