Comments by Missionary Baptist Historians
Regarding the Bethel Association

Comments made by Missionary Baptist historians regarding the Bethel Association

The Bethel Association was organized on the fourth weekend in October, 1829. Ten churches were in the constitution, eight of which were dismissed from the Muddy River Association. They were: East Fork, Middle Fork, Ten Mile Creek, Mt. Vernon, Salem, Bethlehem, Moore's Prairie, and Mt. Pleasant. Other churches which were either charter members or joined very shortly thereafter were Nine Mile, Town Mount Prairie, Little Muddy, and Sugar Camp Creek. Elders Hamilton, Stilley, Henderson and Gholson were present to assist in the organization, which occurred at Middle Fork of Muddy River Church, near Ewing, Illinois. Her churches were mostly in the counties of Hamilton, Jefferson, Washington, Perry and Franklin. The Association was called "Muddy River Bethel" in 1829. In 1832, it met under the name United Baptist, which continued until 1839, when the name was changed to Regular Baptist.

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